I believe anyone can use WordPress to create an awesome website.

But just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you have TIME or WANT to do it. I get that! If you want help shouldering the burden of your website, I’m here. There literally isn’t anything I haven’t used WordPress for and I’m certain I can make WordPress behave for you like a tame, little dog unlike your children who are currently running crazily around the house (am I the only one? No? Good…)

Here are some services I can help with.  Continue reading to find out more.

Managed WordPress Hosting
a la Carte Pricing
WordPress Website Development
Managed WordPress Hosting

Tired of getting emails from your hosting company letting you know that your website has suspicious files on it?

Or maybe your website is running critically low on memory or storage space and you know you need to upgrade your server, but you aren’t sure how or what you need.

Maybe you’re just tired of worrying about your website and ensuring it’s running smoothly so you don’t lose out on potential clients.

Oh, and then there are those little red circles with how many updates for WordPress are ready to be performed and you flinch every time you hit the update button because there's always the chance it will mess up your website and you don't know how to fix it.

I know that having an expert you can trust is hard to find. But with 15 years experience in web development, 10 of those in WordPress and 7 years managing a server for clients, I am that expert who is passionate about helping you. Let me take over the hosting of your WordPress website which includes weekly backups and updates to WordPress core files and plugins.

Packages start at just $24/month!

That's less than $15/month more than your average shared hosting environment and you get so much more value.

Need an extra hour per month for random website content updates, questions and fixing problems?  I have a maintenance package as well!

Don’t waste another minute.

Move your website over to my Managed WordPress Hosting solution so you can spend that time doing what you love with the people you love.

Please visit my Manage WordPress Hosting pricing page on my web development business website, D3 Website Solutions.

Have multiple websites? Ask me about my volume discount.

a la Carte Pricing

So you need someone to brand your YouTube channel or Facebook Page?

Or maybe you need to set up an email marketing tool to help grow your business.

Possibly, your website was hacked (eek!) and you need someone to help you clean it up and close the security hole!

I'm here to help you navigate the technical waters with you.

Pricing List

Check out this list of al a carte pricing on my web development business website, D3 Website Solutions, for details on services I am eager to help you with.

Please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive and that pricing is an estimate only. Once we have a chat on the phone, I will be able to give you a better price that is tailored to your needs.

WordPress Website Development

Ready for a new website and not sure you want to tackle it yourself?  I'm happy to help!  I would love to create a custom quote for you based on your needs.  To get started estimating your price for a shiny, new WordPress website, please visit my Website Cost Estimator on my web development business website, D3 Website Solutions.


Maybe you don’t need someone else to take over the reigns of your website, but you do want to ask some questions about your website and how you can use it more effectively for building your business.

Or maybe you have a problem on your website and you’d like someone to explain it to you so you can fix it and learn from it.

Or maybe you want to do something on your website and you’re not quite sure the right plugin to use or how to go about doing it.

And then there's trying to figure out what software to use to run your business seamlessly and automate some mundane processes.

There are a lot of reasons why a phone call with a WordPress website expert and successful fellow solopreneur may be helpful and if you have a reason, I’m happy to talk with you!

Please contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk.

What to expect from a consulting phone call

After you contact me requesting a consult, I will ask you a series of questions to maximize our time on the phone together.  We will set up a day and time and I will give you a call on the best number to reach you.  If you must reschedule for any reason, please give me a 24 hour notice, if possible.  While we are on the phone, I will answer whatever questions you have and give guidance for you to take action on your website.  If you decide you would rather have me do the work for you, I am happy to discuss pricing on the phone with you.

Please note that consulting calls are $45 for the first half hour and $1/min thereafter.  You will be sent an invoice that you can pay via credit card.

Bringing Laura in as part of my team was one of the best decisions I made last year, and I wish I would have found her sooner! Three years into my life as a coach and solopreneur, I was completely buried in all the technical aspects of running my business, and found that the content side—the side that really impacts lives—was suffering. Laura’s approach is disarming, collaborative and extremely responsive. She provides very clear and consistent communication, and I have been blown away by her knowledge and “magic” she has performed in the tech side of my business!Becky Hammond
Founder, Growth & Success Maven | Isogo
When growing your business there are just some things you can’t leave the chance. The security and hosting of your website is one of them – particularly if you accept credit cards online. I also consider the backend work to a website another area I don’t want to leave to chance. I’ve heard horror stories of people losing their website in moments because they pushed one wrong button and didn’t have a back-up of the site. For all of these reasons I have Laura as part of my team. She’s trustworthy, reliable and can quickly assess your situation and make crazy smart recommendations. I may be a solopreneur but I don’t go it alone. I bring in the right expertise, guidance and support that my business needs and you should too.Stacey Brown Randall
StaceyBrownRandall.com | GrowthByReferrals.com