The Best Email App For Your Business

I have been a loyal Mac person for quite a while now and I do love their products.  I have an iPhone, iWatch, iPad (3 of them, actually) and an iMac.  Yes, a bit excessive, but in my line of work, these are tools and not only for play.  I never thought about changing my email app from Mac Mail that comes installed on all my Mac devices until one day, I got fed up.  When I say “fed up”, I mean I was really close to throwing my computer out the window, but maybe that is what Apple is hoping I’d do so I’d have to buy a new iMac from them?  Hmmm.  Anyway, that’s when my search for the best email app began and I am happy to report, I’ve found the best email app for your business.  How do I know that?  Because it most assuredly is the best email app for my business.


I’m so glad you’re excited to know the best email app I’ve ever used is called Airmail.  And just a quick note, I am not getting paid for this review.  Everything I write in this post is entirely my own unbiased opinion.

Why I Love Airmail

Easy Setup

First, I love how easy it is to set up.  Within minutes, I had email from 7 different email addresses pouring in (yes, 7).  It was much quicker than Mac Mail to set up, in my opinion.  Want to know how to set up email using Airmail?  Look below to get your free video tutorial!


Mail Filters

This is my FAVORITE feature by far.  Airmail has filters that allow me to quickly add emails to a To Do list and then mark them as Done when they are complete!  I also can star emails, if I desire, for quick reference.  This beats the pants off Mac Mail’s colored flags, trust me.  There are also filters for email that came in today which helps me narrow the field to the most important emails I need to answer.

Read more at Airmail’s help section.


If you love to snooze, you’ll love Airmail.  When I get an email that I want to remember to come back to, I snooze it and set a date/time when I want it to show back at the top of my inbox.  Super easy to set up and so helpful so I don’t forget about email that I am not able to tackle at the moment it comes in.  It will revolutionize your work – trust me – but I suppose it could also make you a procrastinator…

Read more at Airmail’s help section.

Send Later

So you know those nights you are up until midnight answering emails, but don’t want your clients to get the impression that you work all hours of the day/night so that they send emails all hours of the day/night?  Airmail allows you to write an email and then set a date/time when to send that email.  Genius!

Read more at Airmail’s help section.

HTML Signatures

I don’t know about you, but I love a good HTML signature.  An email signature that has your logo, your business name and contact details is the best advertisement for your business.  It was not easy to set up an HTML signature in Mac Mail, not easy at all!  But I am happy to report that Airmail has made it super simple and if you save your signatures to the cloud, you can reuse them in your iPhone and iPad too!

Read more at Airmail’s help section.

Do Not Disturb

On my iPhone and iPad, I can set do not disturb based on email address so on Saturdays, I can still get personal email, but not business email notifications!  Isn’t that amazing?

Read more at Airmail’s help section.

Sending Email to Evernote and other Programs

You can link Evernote and other apps to Airmail so you can quickly send them to those programs.  This sped up my work flow so much because I no longer had to copy and paste info from emails into Evernote or download attachments and then reattach them to Evernote.  So great!

So far, it integrates with Mac Calendar, Mac Reminders, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Droplr, Wunderlist, Todoist, Mac Contacts, CloudApp, Box, Evernote, FTP, Open Directory, Asana, Trello, OmniFocus, Things, Fantastical, 2Do, and BusyCal.

The List Goes On…

But I won’t.  Truly,  it is the best email app I have ever used and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Dive in and see all the amazing features and you won’t ever want to go back to Mac Mail – I promise!

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