The Best Email App For Your Business

I have been a loyal Mac person for quite a while now and I do love their products. I have an iPhone, iWatch, iPad (3 of them, actually) and an iMac. Yes, a bit excessive, but in my line of work, these are tools and not only for play. I never thought about changing my email app from Mac Mail that comes installed on all my Mac devices until one day, I got fed up. When I say “fed up”, I mean I was really close to throwing my computer out the window, but maybe that is what Apple is hoping I’d do so I’d have to buy a new iMac from them? Hmmm. Anyway, that’s when my search for the best email app began and I am happy to report, I’ve found the best email app for your business. How do I know that? Because it most assuredly is the best email app for my business.

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