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Wix vs WordPress: WordPress is Easier Than You Think

There are so many options out there for how to create a website. Depending on your budget, your website goals and your business type, not every option will meet your needs. In this article, I want to compare Wix vs WordPress to see how they stack up in various areas. PLUS I will introduce a video tutorial series that will show you how WordPress is just as easy to use as Wix. Whether you are currently using Wix or are on the fence about choosing a CMS for your website, this article will get you going in the right direction!

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What is WordPress and Why You Need It

Imagine your website is like your body. Every person, no matter their age or how they look, has a skeleton that holds their body up. This skeleton is like WordPress for your website. What is WordPress? It’s the structure of the website, but it does not determine how your website looks. WordPress is called a content management system (CMS) because it manages your website content. Find out more about it and why you need to use it!

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